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Well folks, we have selected 4 finalist logos for you to vote for. We would really appreciate if you took the time to vote HERE.

FYI, episode 4 is in the works and we will be looking at European Instituion

Here is a sneak peek of the logos that we have selected:

podcast logo comp copy



Episode 3 is Live!

A huge thanks to Anne-Marie McNally and Ms Susan Leahy for their help in making this episode, which tracks both National politics in the Dáil and the smaller-scale world of Student Councils.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Students – don’t forget to check out the Episode Notes for help to try and digest the material covered in this episode. You’ll find a ‘Listen Along’ worksheet, as well as links to a few different articles that tease out some more of the ideas we discussed in more detail.

Also don’t forget about our Logo Design competition!



Listen on your mobile device!

Well, I managed to work out how to get the podcast uploaded to iTunes and Stitcher. This should make the whole process easier to engage with for our listeners. If you want to make the podcast easier to find, then please subscribe on those apps and give us a (5 -Star???) rating. That would really help us out!

Don’t forget that we need your help with the Logo Competition. Click here for full details from a previous blog post.

It’s lovely to be able to say that the first two episodes have gotten a great reception, and I’m really hopeful that the students will find them useful in the months ahead.

Thanks for the support!


Logo Competition!

We at Pol-Soc Podcast are looking for a new logo to accompany our iTunes podcast, and we would like you to help.

If you are interested in entering this competition then email your entry to polsocpodcast@gmail.com.

The closing date for this competition is the 21st of December.

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