Episode 4

Hi Guys,
You can listen to the episode at the bottom of this page, without even leaving the browser!!!)

After a study/baby/general chaos related hiatus, the podcast is back with our latest episode on the workings of the Council of Europe and the European Convention on Human Rights. It’s the first of 3 episodes that look at European Institutions, with the next episodes due shortly.
I was delighted to be joined (on the phone – miracles never cease) by Samantha O’Brien O’Reilly who is the deputy to Ireland’s Permanent Representative at the Council of Europe who shared her insights and experiences, as well as sharing some of here own ‘Active Citizenship’ experience during her time as a Youth Delegate for Ireland to the UN. A huge thanks to Samantha and the Department of Foreign Affairs for the time and preparation which went into this interview!
In our “Students Strike Back” section, two of this year’s ‘Guinea Pigs’ (students who sat the first ever exam this June) share some of their experiences of the whole process and the stresses of the exam. Hopefully students listening in will find it worthwhile. Don’t forget to view the ‘Episode Notes’ which will be uploaded here... You can also follow this link to download and use the episode’s polsoc-podcast-ep-4-worksheet.

I hope it’s of use to you all, and if you have any ‘constructive’ feedback, I’m all ears!