Key Thinker Quizzes

Obviously, the 16 Key Thinkers aren’t the only thing that you should be working on during your study of Politics and Society, but they’re a really good place to start to make sure that you are getting your head around some of the more complex issues. Remember, almost all the essays that you might be asked to write in the Leaving Cert exam will ask you to back up your opinions with reference to at least TWO Key Thinkers (at least one of whom should be on the Specification)! I’ve added quizzes on a few other topics at the bottom of the page also! Download the Key Thinkers Quiz Checklist that will help you to track your scores and (hopefully) improve them with each try!

The full list of thinkers is almost done yet (only 1 left to go!), so there’s plenty for you to be working away on! If you spot any little mistakes or errors, please let me know via the ‘contact’ page!

Follow the links below for Google Forms ‘Key Thinker’ Quizzes:

Thomas Hobbes John Locke
Robert Nozick Karl Marx
Paulo Freire Sylvia Walby
Fr Sean McDonagh Andre Gunder Frank
Vandana Shiva Kwame Anthony Appiah
Benedict Anderson,  Samuel Huntington
Kathleen Lynch Martha Nussbaum
Edward Said Thomas Hylland Eriksen

If you’re doing the new Lynch quiz, why not download the Kathleen Lynch notes to help with your revision and study? (After all, Lynch is always talking about equal access to educational resources in the private market, so it I would feel a bit bad it I didn’t share my own revision notes here!)

I didn’t invent this one, but the UN has a good SDG quiz you can take on their website. Follow the link here.

But I do have my own quiz based on the UN SDG data from 2015 that’s available. You can find that here.

The website of the ‘Council of Europe’ has a quiz your students can do also. Just follow this link!