Episode 8 Notes

Most of this episode’s notes come from Trócaire themselves, but I have 3 contributions that might be of use. As always, you can download the ‘Ep 8 Listen Along Guide’ that you can download here. Then, why not have a little look at my own exam-focused McDonagh Revision Notes (boiled down to 2 pages!).When you’ve finished with the episode and glanced at the notes, why not come back and take the Fr. McDonagh ‘key thinker quiz‘ to help test yourself and cement your own learning.

One great idea that Stephen Farley had was to produce a Podcast Transcript, that you might find useful to refer to, particularly if you want to check the spellings of some of the unfamiliar place names!  (I’m definitely going to steal that idea in the future!).

Trócaire also produced this really good resource booklet called Global Voices Resources, with lots of additional activities, relevant case studies, and is particularly strong on the idea of “divestment” – an issue that you can raise with your own elected representatives in the future. You can also find the original website for the podcast here: https://www.trocaire.org/getinvolved/education/resources/global-voices.

If you have any other questions or suggestions for Stephen and his team in Trócaire, why not contact him directly by email at Stephen.Farley@trocaire.org. There might be lots of ways that they can contribute to your own study of ‘Sustainable Development’ and even elements of the Citizenship Projects in the future. There might even be ways that you find you want to contribute to Trócaire, be it fundraising, donating your time, or spreading their message! Wouldn’t that be an excellent example of active citizenship!

Best of luck with your study of Topic 8 – there’ll be more here on that topic in the not too distant future.

As ever, if you want to help keep this resource free for students in the future, please consider making a small donation to the Pol-Soc podcast, by clicking here.