Episode 4 Notes

We have a whole range of suggestions for this week’s episode!

“Lazy Student”

A really useful way of getting a handle of some of the dense detail in this episode would be to download and complete the Ep 4 Listen Along Guide.

If you’re ‘super lazy’, and want it all in just one page,  try downloading our Council of Europe notes. It’ll have most of what you need all jammed into just one A4 page! (you’re lazy, oh so lazy….!)

If you’re just in this for the craic, though, then you could do a lot worse that look at this hilarious video that the Guardian newspaper produced about the ECHR. It’s a kind of tribute to a Famous Monty Python sketch “What have the Romans ever done for us?”, but with a European twist. You can watch it here.

Engaged Student”

The Council of Europe have produced this great 7-minute video (here), which touches on a lot of the themes covered in this week’s episode. It has a particularly useful list of the additional conventions (treaties) that cover a wide array of human rights that will help you to engage with the ideas.

“Ambitious Student”

Why take my word for it? Dig in to the Council of Europe’s website https://www.coe.int/en/web/portal . You could take a look at some of their excellent info graphics that Samantha mentioned on the website here.

The future lawyers and human rights activists among you might want to dig into some of the ECHR cases that are relevant to Ireland and Young People:

Quote of the Day:

Don’t just build it for everyone, build it with everyone” – Statement by Samantha O’Brien O’Reilly, UN Youth Delegate for Ireland Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum 30th January 2017. “How can we improve youth participation in the implementation of the SDGs at the national level?”

(Transcript): https://www.dfa.ie/media/pmunny/EcoSoc-YF-Statement—Samantha-OBrien-OReilly.pdf

(Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCYZTEZPPvc

Find out more about the UN Youth Delegate Programme via the Department of Foreign Affairs website, here.