Screencast #5 – Power and Decision Making in Northern Ireland

This latest offering focuses on getting your head around how the decision-making process works in Northern Ireland. It’s a really useful ‘Case Study’ that can apply to a lot of different areas of the course, particularly as a ‘comparative and alternative perspective’ for many aspects of power and decision making in either the EU or Ireland. I’m not a super expert on this topic, so was very grateful for the help of Catherine McGing down in Laurel Hill in Limerick for ideas, guidance and content that helped in the making of this episode. Thanks Catherine! It’s so nice to be working collaboratively, not on my own!

As usual, there will be lots of additional resourced that you’ll be able to find on the Episode Notes page, including the usual Listen-Along Guide, a self-correcting Google Forms quiz and numerous other resources that you can use to filter into your own work. I’ll be asking my own students to use the screencast, resources, quiz, and suggested assignments as the backbone of their ‘lockdown learning’ this week – you could do that too!

As usual, I’ll post the PowerPoint that I used for the episode here so that any teachers out there can download, adapt, and hopefully improve on my own attempt.

Northern Ireland Screencast ppt

Best of luck with the continuing madness of lockdown…

JD (19/4/2020)