Data-Based Questions

There are three components to this section: (Directly accessible through the ‘drop-down’ menu above or below)

  1. The Pol Soc Log Tables 2021-2022 (an ongoing project to help students begin to get to grips with external data sources.
  2. An attempt to develop an archive of sample Data-Based Questions to try and help students. You can find those here.
  3. Building an archive of relevant ‘Case Studies’ or Key Thinker ‘Comprehension’ texts that are ‘classroom-ready’, complete with comprehension question that reflect the structure of the kinds of questions that might pop up in Section B of the the exam, but without the comparative components. You can find them here.

I hope that I’ll be able to add more elements to this as time progresses, but for the moment I’ll just chip away at building a stock of material that should be relatively self-explanatory!

I hope it’s of use…

JD 26/10/2020