Screencast #5 – N.I. Notes

So here’s on way of approaching this content. Do it over a week, perhaps in the following structure:

Day 1-2: Watch the Screencast. It’s 40 minutes long, so you could break it up over two sessions if you want…

Day 2: Complete the ‘Listen-Along Guide’ as you go, pausing at the appropriate points to go off and do little bits of online research as you go to complete the various tasks outline in the handout…

Day 3: Consult the additional resources listed below…

Day 3-4: When you think that you’ve gotten to grips with most of the material, take the online quiz. (You’ll get your result back immediately after submitting.) When you’ve gotten your results, go back through the quiz and look at the additional ‘extension materials’ that I embedded in the quiz. That’ll allow you to get to develop a little more expertise some of the sub-topics. You can take the test as often as you want (ideally until you get full marks!)

Day 4-5: Attempt one of the suggested questions from the list below. For you to get the most value from this you should try and write your answer under exam conditions (i.e. as close to 20-25 minutes as you’re able to manage – without checking back over your notes and handouts).

Why not ‘buddy up’ with one of your classmates and swap your answers. You can give your classmate feedback and they can give you feedback. You’ll be surprised just how useful this process can be. You’ll spot errors in your friend’s work (probably ones that you’re making yourself) that you’d not see in your own work…

“Lazy Student”

Even if you don’t follow the entire plan above, at the very least you should complete the Listen-Along Guide as you listen to the episode!

“Engaged Student”

Try watching some of the following videos to broaden your perspective:

This video from the Northern Ireland  Executive about how the d’Hondt System works in choosing their Executive: (This one is an absolute must!!!)

This video from Lagan College that explains some of the background and key activities of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association.

“Ambitious Students”

Get some more context on the Good Friday Agreement. See how it was reported by RTE (yes, that’s a young Brian Dobson). It has a useful summary of the terms of the agreement, the Three Strands, and gives a good run-down of many of the key players.

Finally, have a look at this interview conducted 20 years after the agreement with then Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern to get his insights into the events of that critical week.

The best thing to do if you want to get an excellent example of someone involved in Conflict Resolution then you should hone in on John Hume. The following video from Miriam O’Callaghan’s entry into the “Ireland’s Greatest” series person a number of years ago deals with his whole life, but focuses on useful elements of Northern Ireland Identity and the long and tortuous journey towards peace.

Finally, the ambitious student should look at the Irish Department of Foreign Affair’s view of the agreement then and today: The Good Friday Agreement and Today

Here’s the PowerPoint on its own: Northern Ireland power structures

Best of luck,

JD (19/4/2020)