Citizenship Projects

You may have noticed that there is somewhat of a dearth of information and advice about how to going about doing the Citizenship Projects. The goal here is to pull together some of the resources that are out there (some of them my own…) so that you can track how to approach the project. See the bottom of the page for the resources that might help you…

Hopefully this video will help

I made it specially for students who are either planning or writing up the ‘Section A’

The first thing to say is that there is no one set way to go about doing this. Different teachers do it differently, and there’s no one way that guarantees success. So if your teachers does it slightly differently to how I suggest, they’re no better or worse than me, just different. (As with everything in Pol Soc, I can prove it… “gotta have your data!!!”) I surveyed the first batch of teachers about how they approached the project and here’s what I found out:

Screenshot (185)

So, don’t go criticizing your own teacher. It’s your project. It’s up to you to make it a success. Follow the link here to see what the NCCA (the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment) have to say about the Citizenship Project. At the end of the day, the key document is the Subject Specification. What it says, goes….

The one golden rule, though, is that you are graded on the quality of your report, not necessarily on the quality of the actual project (though I imagine that most examiners will be impressed by a very creative and imaginative project).

So the key piece of advice, is that make sure you’re putting the right information into the right section of the report. PAGE 3 of the report booklet breaks down exactly what you should be looking to include in each section. Download the 2019 booklet here: (bearing in mind that they haven’t yet issued the 2020 booklet, which is very frustrating) EN-EX-32289375 (2). Beware of some slight areas of overlap, particularly between the ‘Outcomes’ in Section B and the ‘Review’ section in Section C.


Citizenship Project Final Checklist 2020

Section A Annotated

Citizenship Project Section B Handout

Citizenship Project Section C Sample

In the meantime, best of luck with the process…