Ep 5 – Episode Notes

Lazy Student

If you do nothing else with this podcast, download the Ep 5 Listen Along Guide and complete it as you listen. In a few spots you may need to pause the playback or replay a section because the info comes at you thick and fast! All the relevant time codes are on the sheet to make it easier to find the relevant information!

If you need a little extra help understanding the European Parliament here’s a short video that will help to explain it.

Here’s another short video that explains the role of the Council of the European Union in a little more detail.

Finally, here’s a more detailed video on the European Commission. All these short videos have very good graphics and are clearly presented.

If you want to give yourself a good laugh, here’s a clip from “Yes Minister” the classic BBC comedy show that gives a very cynical view of the EEC (yes, it’s a little bit dated!). Make sure you watch long enough to hear the ‘anti-Irish’ dig…

Engaged Student

If you want to get your head around the “Ordinary Legislative Procedure“, you should have a look at this animated visualization that you can engage with yourself. Find it here. Then, try writing a paragraph that outlines (in your own words) how the decision-making process in the EU operates in a manner that takes the multiple inputs into consideration.

Advance Student

If you want to explore some of the “Euromyths” that the European Commission has being trying to dispel, then click here to go directly to their website. Investigate 2-3 of the myths in detail (try starting with the great ‘Straight Bananas’ myth).

Then ask yourself, what impact would it have on people’s opinion of how the EU operates if there’s this much ‘misinformation’ floating about?????