Episode Notes – Episode 12 – The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

Lazy Student:

At the very least, you should download the Ep 12 Listen Along Guide to help with your note taking and to ensure you get the most out of the episode. Download it here: Ep 12 Listen Along Guide

I’ve tried my best (and would welcome additional input) to produce a 1-page guide to Human Rights on the Island of Ireland. (Download it here: IHREC One-Page) This should be particularly useful in addressing the requirements of Learning Outcome  5.4 & 5.5 which covers “the roles and functions of human rights bodies in both jurisdictions on the island of Ireland.” Why do we need to cover both the IHREC and NIHRC – the easy answer is that’s what the subject spec requires!

To help with this process, you could watch this short video from the outgoing commission which summarises many of these ideas succinctly. I imagine that once Covid-19 restrictions have passed an updated video of the current commissioners will be made! https://player.vimeo.com/video/276193167

Student’s engaging with IHREC for the first time (from ‘lockdown’) might be particularly interested in how they communicated their position on restrictions to the media: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/covid-19-restrictions-raise-human-rights-and-equality-concerns-1.4494196

Engaged Student:

Critical Evaluation: Carry out a brief analysis of the members of the current commission. https://www.ihrec.ie/about/chief-commissioner-members-of-ihrec/

Now ask yourself the following questions in order to try and formulate a critical response…

What areas of Irish society do they represent?

What areas of Irish society are well represented on the Commission?

What areas of Irish Society are under-represented on the Commission?

Imagine that you are applying to become a Commissioner. What would your ‘pitch’ be to an interview panel? Explain the areas that you feel the Commission should address.

Motivated Student:

In the episode, Chief Commissioner Gibney mentioned the “Your Rights” portion of the IHREC’s website. Find that here: https://www.ihrec.ie/your-rights/. Explore this page, and examine the ways in which IHREC can make a tangible difference on the ground. Although it is hope that you will never have to avail of these services, it’s important to know how to proceed yourself and, perhaps more importantly, how you can help others by directing them to the appropriate supports that they might require.

Power and Decision-Making. The IHREC also uses the media (like this episode) to communicate with the public. They give their opinions, and circulate them widely to the different media outlets through their Press Releases. Can you find an issue on their website that you find particularly relevant to some parts of our studies in Politics and Society? Find them here: https://www.ihrec.ie/category/press-releases/

In particularly, you might examine IHREC’s response to the proposal to reform the International Protection System (Direct Provision) that is mentioned in the episode. Find that here: https://www.ihrec.ie/direct-provision-white-paper-publication-and-ambition-welcomed/