Welcome to the Pol-Soc Podcast website! Whether you’re a transition year student trying to get a flavour of what studying “Politics and Society” might be like, a current student looking for an accessible revision resource, or just a curious citizen, you are more than welcome to sample the podcast and other resources available throughout the site. If you want to get stuck in straight away, why not just dive into the first episode here. Android phone users can subscribe and listen on Stitcher, by clicking here. iPhone users can subscribe and listen on the iTunes podcast app here.

The podcast explores a wide range of ideas. Some episodes will focus on one of our 16 ‘Key Thinkers’, others will help us to get to grips with our national and supranational institutions, while some will examine the broader ‘strands’ that make up the course. Occasionally, I might throw in an episode about something that I just think is important for our future citizens to consider, such as Brexit, major political developments of the day, or even just an idea that I find particularly thought provoking and stimulating.

You’ll see a few key features return in most episodes. I’m looking forward to selecting items for the Quote of the Day and the Untangle the Terminology sections, but am particularly excited about the Students’ Strike Back section. I’m going to need your help with that section of the podcast!

Sometimes, though, it’ll just be me thinking out loud. I hope you’ll start thinking too! And if all this podcast does is to start a discussion between you and your best friend on the way home from school, or with your family over the dinner table, then I’ll consider it to have been a worthwhile exercise…