Screencast #4 Citizenship Project Section C

Finally got around to doing the screencast designed to help students get to grips with writing up the final section of their Citizenship Projects. Hopefully you’ll find it useful. I’m also including all of the PowerPoint presentations that I used so that other teachers can download them and use in class. They can update them as we find out more about the process and adapt them for their own students needs and add their own insights. Take what’s useful and discard the rest…

This time around I take THREE different examples of Section Cs that my own students completed (with varying degrees of success) over the last few years. Hopefully you’ll be able to see how to progress your work up from a H4/H3 level, up to the final example which is a H1 students. It’s all about providing a pathway to students to identify and correct their own mistakes, without falling into the most obvious pitfalls that I identify in the video…

Citizenship Project Section A ppt

Citizenship Project Section B ppt

Citizenship Project Section C ppt

Best of luck with the submission of your projects (whenever that ends up being!!!)

JD (4/14/20)



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