Screencast #5 (Northern Ireland) is Now Live!

In an effort to get my head around the new remote learning landscape, I’ve been trying to put together usable weekly plans that can guide students through a meaningful process of learning. This week I’ve focused in on how the subject specification deals (both explicitly and implicitly) with power and decision making in Northern Ireland.

You can watch the screencast here. But perhaps more importantly, you should engage with the Episode Notes page which has details of how best I think these materials can be used. Make sure to download the “Screencast 5 Listen Along Guide” to remain focused during the screencast and to help you collate all the relevant materials, information, and perspectives that I’ve tried to communicate during the episode. There’s even a self-marking “Google Forms Quiz” that you should be taking mid-week to try and assess how your learning is going…

I’m very grateful to Ms Catherine McGing down in Laurel Hill in Limerick for her help in putting this week’s work together. All the good ideas are hers, all the errors are my own. Thanks Catherine!

Best of luck with your “lockdown learning”. I hope this makes it ever so slightly easier to carry out!


JD (20/2/20)


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