Episode 7 – Amnesty & Activism – Episode Notes

Listen to the Episode HERE.

‘Lazy Student’

If you do nothing else, then make sure you download and complete the “Ep 7 Listen Along Guide” to help you get the key information and to work on your note-taking. If you only have 4 minutes you can watch a compelling video about the work of Amnesty International.

The very least you could do is to read Beth’s passionate article on journal.ie by clicking here. If a TY student can write like this, there’s no reason you can’t too!

‘Engaged Student’

Why not organize an ‘Amnesty Quiz’ in your school as a part of a fundraising project? Find all of the resources you’ll need here. Or play their ‘Kahoot’ quiz here.

Find out more about #fridaysforfutureireland on twitter, Instagram or on their website, or email them directly at  Info@FridaysForFuture.ie or Saoi@FridaysForFuture.ie. Get involved with one of the strikes and follow Beth Doherty’s advice – this is something that impacts YOU!

Colm also mentioned how proud he was of his involvement in the “Repeal the Eighth” referendum campaign. Amnesty produced this amazing 20-minute video called The Story of Repeal about that campaign. It’s well worth your time!

‘Ambitious Student’

Look at the suggested essay title at the end of the “Listen Along Guide”. Colm deals directly with this issue in the episode, but there’s more than one way to look at the issue. It’s something that a number of our key thinkers (including Shiva and Huntington) would contest quite strongly. Here’s my preliminary musings on the subject, as an example of how you might lay it out in a structured essay that aims to answer the “SEC Sample paper Q6 Is Human rights a western concept?” that considers both sides of the argument (i.e. offering a ‘critical evaluation’). THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT THE ONLY WAY TO APPROACH THIS QUESTION, BUT COULD BE A USEFUL STARTING POINT FOR STUDENTS.

Quote of the Day – “Be the change you want to see in the world”

Why not read the New York Times article about the Gandhi quote that was mentioned in the episode. Does it really matter whether or not he ever said the quote in the precise manner?

If you have any other suggested resources that you think could help students get to grips with the topics under discussion here, please get in touch here, particularly if you want to make a small contribution to the financial cost of the upkeep of the site!