Citizenship Project Videos


So I spent the guts of last night and today making a screen-cast designed to help students with the process of writing up the ‘Section A’ of their Citizenship Project Report Booklets. It also deals with some common mistakes that I’ve observed with my last four groups that have worked through the process.

As ever, it’s only my own best judgment of what’s happening and how they have been marked, combined with a fair amount of “reverse engineering” of the projects my own students have submitted. Hopefully they’ll be of use to students who are stranded due to Covid-19… All they need is the link and a smart phone for this to work for them… But students’ engagement with the video would definitely be helped by downloading the samples from my students last year that can be found here. (scroll down to the bottom of the page…)

Any and all (constructive) comments and suggestions are most welcome…

Hopefully, in the coming days I’ll be able to put together content to help with the other elements of the project. But bear in mind, they’re very, very time consuming to make!

Keep well and WASH YOUR HANDS…

JD 19/3/20


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