Pol-Soc Writing and Exam Resources


Just trying to pull together other bits and pieces of resources that might be of use to you and your students. Some I’ve already posted, others are little “one pagers” (I’m a big fan of ‘one-pagers’), that I’ve dug out over the last few days.

For the time being, I’ll leave them on the ‘Key Thinkers Notes’ page, but I’ll put links here also. I’ll figure out the best way to deal with that later!

As always, I’d be happy to hear any (constructive) feedback…

Study Skills for Pol Soc Essays Exam Strategy and Timing


Tips from the Politics and Society Chief Examiner Report 2018


DBQ Long Answer 2020


Paragraph Structure


Dealing with Counter-Arguments
Blank Revision Essay outline


TLDR – Recording your Pol Soc Reading

Keep Well – And Happy St Patrick’s Day…

JD (17/3/2020)


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