PASTAI – CPD Session 18/1/2022

Many thanks to those who attended yesterday’s CPD session, particularly for the thoughtful questions at the end. Sorry I don’t have more answers to the many ‘known unknowns’ of our course…

Find below the resources the I had worked on for the session. I’ll upload them here in MS Word and PDF format so that you can tinker with them to best suit your own needs. I’m also including a few links to earlier posts from previous CPD sessions (which I am terrible at archiving – sorry) that might be helpful. I’ve updated some of them recently, so hopefully they’ll be a little bit more focused.

The final thing is a link to the Google Form questionnaire on Teachers’ Experiences of Pol Soc that I’m working on as a research project. If people had the chance, and haven’t yet done so, I’d really appreciate the time (less than 10 mins) that teachers could give to complete it:–vuiU4RwccGYrhcG2nkhN6O8IuBhUCRtE/edit#responses


Health Inequality Mini Scheme of Work:

The Health Divide Documentary – Student Question Sheet with DBQ and Student Research Sheet PDF

The Health Divide Documentary – Student Question Sheet with DBQ and Student Research Sheet – MS Word

Essay-Writing PowerPoint: PASTAI – Essay Writing CPD Session – Jan 2022

Gender Across the Course Mind Map: Gender across the course

Alternative/Comparative Perspectives (with student example): Dealing with Counter-Arguments 2021-2 with example

Blank Essay Revision Grid: Blank Revision Essay outline – PDF Blank Revision Essay outline – MS Word

Essay Skills Development Grid: Study Skills for Pol Soc Essay

And don’t forget, if any of the newer teachers are struggling with a particular topic or issue, don’t hesitate to get in touch. There are plenty of people willing to help.





4 thoughts on “PASTAI – CPD Session 18/1/2022

  1. Apologies for not emailing earlier to say a huge thanks for this information. So very much appreciated. Where would we all be without you Jerome.


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