Citizenship Projects – Online Activism

In recent weeks I was delighted to be contacted by a few groups of student who are working away busy on their Citizenship Projects. In particular, some groups have been working on ways in which “online activist movements are contributing to political change in today’s world.”

The range of work that they’ve produced is very broad. Some students produced websites with questionnaires to try and assess the impact of their work (very useful when they are trying to write up the “outcomes” of their projects in final part of Section B.

What I found particularly interesting about the range of work that has been sent to me is the range of topics and how broad the students’ engagement has been with multiple parts of the course. It’s amazing to see the scope of their interest – everything from gender-based protests in Iran (SDG 5/CEDAW/Patriarchy), to Irish Language Activism (Irish National Identity/Diversity of Language) to the group work comparing things like #BLM, the War in Ukraine, US Gun policy and Environmental issues and youth participation in “Fridays for Future”.

It’s such a privilege to be able to facilitate the work and engagement of these young people!

It would be great if people could share and/or comment on the work below. The students can then use those comments (and constructive criticisms) to further evaluate their work… It’ll only take you a second!

Online Activism Group Blogs (with surveys to complete)

Iranian Women’s Protests Blogs

Irish Language Online Activism – AchtAnois blogs

#BLM & #Metoo

Vox Digitalis

Anti-Refugee Protests Presentation @AlexJakePolitic

Refugees Welcome – @AlexJakePolitic

If any other students want to send on work (as a pdf) for me to share here, I’m delighted to facilitate them and can share the “page analytics” with them before they finalize their projects over the next month.

JD – 29/3/23


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