A Sample Human Rights Revision Article

You may have noticed that my overriding principle in the resources that I post here is that they have to be ‘classroom ready’, i.e. they don’t require the teacher to do too much fiddling with the resource before they print it and bring it in to class. In that spirit, and with the gracious permission of the original author, Dr Vittorio Bufacchi of UCC, dip in to this Human Rights and Responsibilities revision comprehension.

Here is the article: Coronavirus Rights and Duties Article – “Coronavirus: do we have a moral duty not to get sick?” I’ve appended some additional information, key comprehension phrases, and a number of questions at the end which (I’m hoping) will help students to apply Key Thinker ideas to the contemporary Covid-19 situation. Should stimulate some interesting classroom discussion too! It builds on the other John Locke comprehension that I posted previously. Find that here.

This is the kind of article that I’d be delighted to see a student of mine cite, particularly in the conclusion to a Human Rights essay. I’m looking forward to getting a copy of Dr Bufacchi’s book “Everything must change: Philosophical lessons from lockdown”, it seems pretty reasonably priced, but by the look of it, will have lots of applicable ideas for Pol-Soc teachers and students…

JD 19/04/2021


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