Episode 13 is Live! – Ireland, the UN and Human Rights

Jerome is joined by Dr Lucy Michael (@drlucymichael) of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission to discussion the relationship between Ireland and the UN Human Rights system, covering the “Universal Periodic Review”, the Treaty Bodies, CERD, and numerous specific concepts drawn from the LC Politics and Society subject specification.

Check out the Episode Notes here: (Episode Notes Page to follow shortly)

Download the ‘Ep 13 Listen Along Guide‘ to help with your note-taking…

Students would be well served by paying particular attention to how Dr Michael deals with Learning Outcomes 6.2 and 6.3 towards the end of the episode! This is as close to laser focused on the exam as it is possible to be! 12 minutes of incredibly useful material alongside lots of useful details and case studies (Traveller Education) in the episode as a whole.

Listen here

I hope it’s of use…!

JD 13/4/2021


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