Episode 8 is Live!

I’m delighted that the next episode of the podcast is up, but I take little credit for it. Stephen Farley and his team at Trócaire did a great job of producing a really useful podcast on one of our Key Thinkers, Fr Sean McDonagh, but it hasn’t gotten as much attention as I felt it deserved, so with Stephen’s approval (obviously!) I’m hosting it here, with just my own brief intro and conclusion to bookend their episode. Fr McDonagh has been very challenging for students, but has presented the teachers with an even bigger challenge – finding suitable resources. Hopefully this will help with that!

Listen here and let us know what you think. It’s also up on all the usual platforms like Apple iTunes and Stitcher.

I know that Trócaire had plans to produce more content, but those plans are on hold at the moment as they focus on their new podcast “The World Etc.”. From what I’ve heard of the new podcast, it’ll be really relevant to Pol Soc students too. Maybe if this episode gets a bit of traction, we can persuade the team at Trócaire to get a few more episodes up and running specifically for Pol-Soc students. (of course I’ll do what I can to help them!) There are lots of areas of potential overlap, so let’s see how it goes!

There are lots of additional resources available that accompany this episode. Trócaire produced a full resource booklet, with lots of extra case studies and classroom activities, and I have my usual listen-along guide, key thinker quizzes and revision notes. You can find them all on the Episode Notes page.

Meanwhile in the background, I’m chipping away at another few episodes that I hope to have up and available in the Autumn. Hopefully, we’ll have Locke, Marx, and Huntington in the pipeline… (if only there were more hours in the day!)

I’m also hoping to add a new section to the website in the next academic year called “Further Study” where we can showcase some of the university courses that would be a logical next step for any student who has been bitten by the Politics and Society ‘bug’. Keep a look out!

As ever, if you are in a position to help support the podcast, you can do that here.

Enjoy the last few weeks of your holidays and I hope everyone returns to school re-energized! (myself included!!!)



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