Chief Examiner’s Advice

My absolute final piece of advice…

Just after the Citizenship Projects were submitted in May, the State Exams Commission (SEC) issued the “Chief Examiner’s Report” on the inaugural Politics and Society exam. It made for very interesting (and reasonably encouraging) reading. It was full of observations on how students dealt with the project and exam. The report itself ran to about 19 pages, but because I have such an exciting life, I decided to try and do a 2-page summary that includes key tips and take always.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should read the full report, but I doubt most students will, so here’s the next best thing… (If nothing else, you should see that I’m basing my opinion on specific quotations with the report!)

Tips from the Politics and Society Chief Examiner Report 2018

The biggest relief is that they really are looking for quality over quantity!!!

Also, bear in mind that this is just my take on the examiner’s report, based on what I’ve seen my own students do well and poorly at throughout the year.

My suggestion would be to scan through it on the morning of the exam, just to refresh you memory and get your essay-writing priorities in order…

Best of luck on Tuesday!!!!

Dr J (as Brendan O’Sullivan in Gorey CS insists on calling me!!!)


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