Come Study with Me!

After receiving countless emails each year from students around the country who can’t study Politics & Society because that subject isn’t offered in their schools, (or where the existing classes were over-subscribed) I’ve finally worked out a way to make this possible. I’ve found it quite dispiriting that I haven’t previously been in a position to help those highly motivated students who have a real interest in and aptitude for the new subject, which I’ve long felt to be a real game changer when it comes to education in Ireland.

Rather than just the normal “grinds” class that I’ve been delivering in the Institute of Education in Leeson Street for the last 4 years, I’ve teamed up with their tech team to offer a chance for students to study the subject online over a one-year period that gets as close as possible to the experience as being in a ‘bricks and mortar’ secondary school classroom.

It can’t replicate the in-person experience completely, but the approach we will take is designed to maximize the flexible opportunities presented by the online environment, while trying to minimize some of the drawbacks that we all experienced during our periods of ‘lockdown learning’.

This is a class designed for highly motivated students who want to study with the best materials possible, but who are also willing to supplement classroom activities with detailed, consistent, independent learning.

What will this involve?

  • A weekly 2-hour class on Tuesday evenings
  • In class discussion, debate, and interaction
  • Weekly assessments, writing tasks, and feedback
  • Periodic ‘on-site’ sessions in Dublin focused on preparation for the Citizenship Project (submitted around the Easter Holidays), essay writing, and data-handling
  • “Christmas” and “Mock” exams with feedback and reporting similar to a regular class
  • Essay preparation, Exam Analysis, Study Tips and Strategy

Class participation, debate, discussion are central to this process, particularly for students who need to develop their ability to respond coherently and authentically to discursive essay titles in a pressurised “exam setting”. This won’t be a sit back and relax kind of class!

For more details, such as the schedule of classes and assessment information, follow this link to the Institute’s website where you can take a sample class, visit their FAQs, and book in for the year.

***Please bear in mind that there will be some ‘terms and conditions’ associated with this course, particularly the need to have a cooperating teacher in your school with whom I can coordinate the submission of your projects and written confirmation from your school’s Principal that it will be possible for you to sit the final exam during the exam period next June.***


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