Hot off the presses!

Well, after a very busy year and a lot of head scratching, my latest offering “Dealing with Data – the Essential guide to Data-Based Question in Politics and Society” has finally made its way into the world. I’m very grateful to the other teachers who helped me to get this from the initial concept to the finished product.

The main goal with the book is to try and make teachers and students’ lives just a little bit easier in the classroom by having as many key concepts linked to sample data-based questions as possible. It’s designed to be both exam practice and building up key skills for essays & project work.

In there you’ll find:


·      Key Concepts, terminology, and methodology ideas and class exercises

·      16 Sample Data-Based Questions (4 OL, 12 HL)

·      Links to regularly updated data sources that are tailored to the Pol-Soc course

·      and some ‘exemplar’ answers to try and provide some guidance to students as to how they can approach different question types.

As always, I’m all ears when it comes to any suggestions and (constructive) feedback. Hopefully, people will find it useful in the classroom.

There’s also a special promotion: Buy ‘Dealing with Data’ and ‘A Little Bit of Media Analysis’ for €39.99 when you use code “BUNDLE” (ALL CAPS) at checkout!

JD 18/07/2022

data headshot pic



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