Episode 9 is LIVE!

After a bit of a Covid-related hiatus, and with many, many apologies for the delay Professor Graham Finaly from UCD’s School of Politics and International Relations, we’re back with Episode 9, dealing with key thinker John Locke. In some ways this should be 2 shorter episodes, because Professor Graham Finlay covered so much ground in his discussion that I found it very hard to leaving anything on the virtual cutting room floor. But I’m trusting that students will know when to pause to catch their breath. As always, there’s a full suite of resources available on the Episode Notes Page to help students get to grips with this material.

Listen to the episode HERE! Or download it on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

If you find the materials useful, please consider making a small donating to the upkeep of the site, by visiting our Contact and Support page.

Hopefully, the episode will do at least something to take the edge off the stress of starting back into school after a prolonged break.

To all the Pol-Soc students and teachers out there, best of luck with the return, as daunting as it might be.

All my very best,



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