Well, in extraordinary times, we take extraordinary measures. So here’s what I’m up to…

In the next few days I’ll be dramatically expanding the scope of resources that I have available here, for everyone, for free. I’ll be focusing on making sure that all my “Key Thinker Notes” are available to download here in a menu of that name. It’ll take me some time to polish them up to a condition that won’t embarrass me, but I’ll get there eventually. I can’t guarantee that they’re perfect (I’m sure there will be some mistakes, that ye might be good enough to point out to me, so that I can fix them). I’m starting with Benedict Anderson and Andre Gunder Frank, but there’ll be more to follow quickly in the next few days. Rather than bloating your inboxes with updates, I’ll tweet out additional links about uploaded resources on @khpolsoc…

Effectively, they’re ‘student ready’. Circulate them as widely with other teachers or students as you see fit, or ignore them completely.

At the very least, nobody will ever be able to turn around to any of the Pol Soc teachers that I know and say that their students didn’t have enough resources to revise with!

I wish everyone the very best in the coming weeks. It’s going to be a stressful time for everyone. Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy. And remember, we have always “depended on the kindness of strangers”.

Now, more than ever, we’re all a part of society, not apart from society.

And if, on the off chance, you find these extra resources useful, you might consider making a tiny donation to the site to fund the many, many, many cups of coffee that I anticipate consuming in the next few weeks…




2 thoughts on “Shutdown!

  1. Jerome!! Thanks so much for this. Your notes and resources are excellent and I wouldn’t have been able to get through this PolSoc first year without them.
    I’ll send you a wee donation, of course.
    Míle Buíochas,
    HackettyHack 😉


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