Don’t forget about “Exam Strategy”

Hello All,

One very short blog post that might help students as they face into the final week before the exam. As with every Leaving Cert exam, it’s important to maximize your grade. The quickest way to shed marks unnecessarily is to get your timing wrong.

So why not download this quick one-page guide to help with Exam Strategy and Timing, which even includes the exact time it will read on the clock that you should move on to the next question! (This isn’t the only way to do it, but it is one reliable way to do it!)

Remember, it’s notHow much should I write?” for that answer, it’s “How long should I spend on that question?”. The answer is ALWAYS determined by the number of marks allocated to the question. (There’s an outside possibility that they won’t include mark breakdowns in the Data-Based Question again this year). If they go with last year’s allocation, the final questions (2F) will be worth 40 marks.

And finally, more so than in any other exam, the Politics and Society examiners are looking for ‘Quality’ more than ‘Quantity’…

Best of luck next week.



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