‘Key Thinker’ Notes

This page will evolve rapidly in the coming days, but thus far, see below links to upload the Key Thinker Notes. Please also scroll down for my “Introduction” sheets, that lay out some of the suggested essay titles (drawn from the subject specification), that students case use as a focal point for their study and exam preparation…

Thomas Hobbes John Locke
Robert Nozick Karl Marx
Paulo Freire Sylvia Walby
Fr Sean McDonagh Andre Gunder Frank
Vandana Shiva Kwame Anthony Appiah
Benedict Anderson Samuel Huntington
Kathleen Lynch Martha Nussbaum
Edward Said Thomas Hylland Erisken
Intro to Power and Decision Making Intro to Identity
Intro to Human Rights 1 Intro to Human Rights Bodies & Essays
Citizen Journalism contrasting opinions Intro to Development
Intro to Media and Chomsky Intro to Writing

For some of the material in the Intro to Media and Chomsky I am most grateful to @northmonpolsoc. Thanks Jon!

Study Skills for Pol Soc Essays Exam Strategy and Timing
Tips from the Politics and Society Chief Examiner Report 2018 TLDR – Recording your Pol Soc Reading Upload Version
Paragraph Structure Dealing with Counter-Arguments
Blank Revision Essay outline

Please bear in mind, that I’m ramping up this content as quickly as I can. If you look at the notes and feel that there are any errors that I should be aware of, please do let me know, and I’ll do my best to try and get them fixed and updated. But also bear in mind, I’m only one man, doing my best….

Don’t forget you can test your knowledge for each of these sets of notes by trying the self-correcting Key Thinker Quizzes. Remember, recall is a critical part of all learning!

If you fancy supporting the website with a small donation to help with the cost of the website into the future (and for the copious amounts of coffee needed to make these possible), I’d be most grateful…

Oh, and this disappeared from the site for some reason…? Useful Podcasts for Students and Teachers

Here it is as a ‘Google Doc’ that anyone can add to or edit. I don’t know how to re-format the tables in Google docs, so maybe some kind soul could help with that and save me untold heartache and help us all!  USEFUL PODCASTS GOOGLE DOC.

JD (13/3/2020)

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